Do you enjoy young people in a positive environment?

  • LIFE School Program:
    Runs for one or two terms each year on a Friday afternoon in school time. The team works with “at risk” teenagers in the school environment to develop self confidence and resilience.

  • Gateway Youth
    This ministry touches about 150 teenagers every week (plus their families!) They need Youth Leaders, Helpers, Musicians, Technicians, Carers, homes for small groups to meet in.
  • Camp No Fear
    Runs every January and has a HUGE impact on the kids that go. They need Youth Cabin Leaders, Camp Organizers, Social Organisers, Technicians, Sports and Recreation Helpers, Prayer Supporters, Sponsors, Musicians, Staging, Handy “men” to make staging and props, Nurses
  • YA (Young Adults)
    For the 18 – 25 plus age group. They need Leaders, Helpers, Administrators, Social Organizers
  • Gateway Basketball:
    Our basketball ministry also connects with about 150 teenagers every week (plus many of their families!) These teenagers need Coaches, Chaplains, Helpers, Mums, Dads, Grandmothers and Grandfathers