Gateway Growth Groups

What is a G3?

- G3 is a grassroots tool for personal growth which provides encouragement, commitment, accountability and support for all participants

- Two or three people of the same gender meet weekly for personal accountability for spiritual growth and development

- The empowering of ordinary Christians to make disciples

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How do I join a G3?

We encourage people to find their own Gateway Growth Groups as they work best when like-minded people find their fit. If you are having difficulty, contact Sally Ansell for advice and help finding a group.


G3 Bookmarks

G3 bookmarks stimulate and guide discussion - they are just a tool, not the definitive list of what should be discussed at your G3. They come in 3 levels so that as your G3 develops, you can delve deeper into life and faith.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3