You've just found life that is abundant and real.

Our approach is to take hold of the real life Jesus gives and grow people
with a passionate concern for our world - that's our purpose!

May Gateway be a valued companion on your life journey!

The Founding Leaders

Rick & Marcy Paynter have been leaders at Gateway Family Church since 1986. They began with a passionate belief that the local church is the hope of the world and have committed their lives to building a healthy community of faith, hope and love. Their vision has been to create an environment where the average Aussie family can connect with God in the reality of everyday life, where the Christian faith can infiltrate families, workplaces and schools and help people to do life better. As a couple they value authenticity and commitment to the cause of Christ and this is reflected in the passion of Gateway people. They also love living life to the fullest and enjoy films, theatre, sport, good food and coffee, and keeping fit. They have been married for 30 years and their 2 children, Michael and Bethany, have grown up in the church.

At heart Rick is a church planter, and has started many churches in Australia and Papua New Guinea. He is also Chairman of The Gateway Performing Arts Trust, established to promote the use of the arts, music and theatre in the church.

Marcy is an artist and has developed a thriving creative arts ministry that includes over 100 musicians, singers, dancers, actors, artists and technicians and is also Director of Gateway Promotions Theatre Company. Her passion is to see the Gospel of Christ communicated in creative ways.