A week in the Life of Gateway


On Monday morning Gateway rises at 5 to be on the building site by 6. He sets his mind to honouring God with the best of his physical labour and his boss is constantly impressed with his strong work ethic. He often pairs younger apprentices with him in the hope that his influence rubs off. Lunch with the boys turns into an interesting discussion as the question is asked, “What did you do with your weekend?” and he replies “Went to church.. IT WAS AWESOME”

On Monday evening a dozen people gather in a lecture room as Gateway trains them in business skills. Many are intrigued to know that the excellent education being offered comes out of the heart of a spiritual community and their concepts of “church” are being seriously challenged!


On Tuesday, Gateway goes to school and gets involved in an argument in the school ground. Later in the day she apologizes to her friends for her part in the trouble and does all that she can to bring peace.

On Tuesday night, Gateway gathers to get ready for worship on the weekend.  The sound of singing is heard throughout the building and dancers rehearse their routines. The energy is infectious, the music is inspiring.


On Wednesday morning, Gateway gathers 20 young mums on a blue plastic tarpaulin in the middle of a New Guinea slum. Today they learn about basic hygiene for their families, knowledge that will keep their babies alive and healthy in the middle of a filthy environment.

Their older children learn the alphabet in a nearby metal container that has been transformed into an airy classroom. They love to learn and the young Gateway leader teaching them has discovered he has a real gift. Next year he will get the opportunity to train, the first in his family to ever attend tertiary college.

Throughout the day, Gateway is talking to God from cars, homes, schools, hospitals, workplaces. This soul to Spirit conversation is the lifeblood of this family because they believe that they are part of God’s Eternal plan and take that responsibility very seriously


On Thursday morning, Gateway arrived at her office in Frankston. She is working at the Legal Center and has many opportunities to interact with hurting people. Each one is treated with respect and grace as she tries to see the eternal worth in every individual.

At lunchtime she meets with a group of friends at Vada. It’s become a favourite spot for her whole circle of workmates. Her refusal to gossip negatively about others is noticed by her colleagues.

At another table Gateway is enjoying a mentoring session between an older guy and a young bank clerk. Life lessons are being learnt, passion for God is being transferred, Godly life choices are being discovered.

Later that night, Gateway gathers in a stadium in Frankston to play basketball. The people are coming to play sport but they are gaining so much more – a vision of physical, emotional and spiritual health that is modelled by the many people involved.

In another part of the city, Gateway helps prepare and serve food to 80 disadvantaged and lonely people in the City Life cafe. This meal is a highlight of the week for those that are serving and those that are eating.


On Friday morning, Gateway runs a playgroup.  The young mums who come love the opportunity to get together and share their “Parental war” stories. They don’t all “get” the church thing but know that the group is run with kindness and excellence. One of the Mums has just been in hospital and she was thrilled when a homecooked meal was delivered by Gateway to her home

On Friday afternoon, Gateway heads to local schools to spend the afternoon feeding encouragement and positivity into some troubled teenagers. Later that night, youth from all over the city will come together for fun and support.

On Friday evening, Gateway gathers in homes all over the Frankston area. They spend the time laughing, eating, talking about girls, school and problems with their parents. Most of the time they are watching their leaders. How do they deal with problems? How do they walk through life with a higher goal? How do they do life with God?


On Saturday Gateway picks up a couple of these troubled kids and takes them to the movies. They have never felt so special. Gateway has become a much loved “big brother”

On Saturday afternoon Gateway arrives at the home of a single mum and spends a few hours mowing, weeding and repairing broken guttering. Through tears she thanks them as she had no idea how she would get her house ready for sale.

On Saturday evening Gateway loads his guitar onto a plan bound for Afghanistan. He will be part of a concert aimed at giving our soldiers some much needed recreation. The music industry is a tough place to shine the light of Jesus but there is no other place that Gateway would rather be.


On Sunday Gateway gathers in the relative cool of the Port Moresby morning. Using musical instruments donated by brothers and sisters in Melbourne, they praise God in their own language. The children cram happily into the pastor’s lounge room to hear about Jesus who loves them. For many, it is the only learning experience they will have outside their own family unit.

On Sunday morning, the sense of anticipation grows in the Gateway Worship and Performing Arts Centre.  The tribe that is Gateway, Melbourne is coming together to experience the powerful presence of God.  They have felt Him in their lives all week but there is nothing like the thrill of being together, in one place, with one mind, and they can’t wait to hear, to see and to feel what he will say to them today.  We LOVE THE CHURCH! HIS CHURCH!