About Us

Gateway Basketball was originally formed in February 1998 out of the Gateway Warriors Basketball club and has grown to over 50 teams across, womens, mens, mixed and the innovative Father/Son competition.

Our philosophy was to create a basketball association where everyone was welcome to play, whether they are NBL stars through to brand new players. We endeavour to create a sporting environment that is encouraging, healthy, fun and respectful.


We value:

We are committed to building up the self esteem of all players and spectators through creating a positive environment with the GBA's weekly events. The GBA exists to be a positive, encouraging influence in the local community.

We don't take ourselves too seriously! Healthy and positive humour is an essential ingredient of a healthy lifestyle and at the GBA we actively encourage an attitude of fun in our weekly time together as players, Refs and spectators (there's more to life than 'sheep stations!'

People matter. The GBA supports the players, spectators and refs in a variety of ways that are relevant and helpful. For example, our GBA Chaplain's primary focus is to provide relevant pastoral support (e.g. injured or ill players, food parcels, counselling support, crisis response, etc) to anyone within the GBA community.

We value excellence and regularly evaluate for excellence to ensure we are always attempting to improve all aspects of the GBA for the benefit of the players, spectators and Referees.

We would like to the GBA to grow so that there are even more opportunities for people to play sport, feel encouraged, make new friends and have fun. At GBA we love to see people grow in their basketball skills, their love of sport, in their confidence and in the number of, and depths of, their friendships.

Code of Conduct

An important aspect of a positive and healthy sporting environment is the attitude and behaviour of all players & spectators.

We will respect:

  • Respect all players and all spectators
  • Respect Referees and their decisions
  • Respect the healthy family environment of the GBA
  • Respect facilities and equipment

Respect is defined as: 'Having a regard, consideration or showing politeness towards others - to avoid harming, degrading, insulting or injuring others.' The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary


We are a Good Sports Level 3 Club

The GBA is an accredited Level 3 Good Sports Club, which means we are alcohol and smoke free and we implement safe transportation. We want to create a family friendly community and this is fully aligned with the Good Sports Program.